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Product Serial: LQ 820NA
Trade Terms:
1. Min. Order: 500pcs/Per Sku.
2. Payment: TT,LC,Westunion.
3. Packaging: According to request.
4. Delivery Time: 20-25 Days.
5. Tag:According to Request.
6. Design:According to Requrest.

Product Specifications
Description Cast Iron Round Casserole
Enamel Cast Iron Casserole, Cast Iron Pot.
Serial LQ 820NA LQ 821NA LQ 823NA LQ 825NA LQ 829NA
Size DIA:20cm DIA:20cm DIA:23cm DIA:25cm DIA:29cm
Capacity 2.2L 2.7L 3.9L 4.6L 7.0L
Surface Enamel treatment
Material Cast Iron

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