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Product Serial: LQ 822NB
Trade Terms:
1. Min. Order: 500pcs/Per Sku.
2. Payment: TT,LC,Westunion.
3. Packaging: According to request.
4. Delivery Time: 20-25 Days.
5. Tag:According to Request.
6. Design:According to Requrest.

Product Specifications
Description Cast Iron Oval Casserole
Enamel Cast Iron Casserole, Cast Iron Pot.
Serial LQ 822NB LQ 828NB LQ 830NB LQ 832NB LQ 836NB
Size 24x17cm  28x21cm  30x23cm 31x24cm 36x26cm
Capacity 2.2L 4.4L 5.4L 5.8L 7.1L
Surface Enamel treatment
Material Cast Iron

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